My story starts in Canada, where I was born and raised. I raised my four children there and worked for 14 years as an administrative secretary for the school system. In 2003 I met and married my dear husband Joey, who happened to be living in Temecula, CA. My children were grown by then so we married and I became an American/Canadian.

I started working in a construction business in Temecula and was introduced to the bookkeeping end of the business. I loved it and starting taking courses to learn more. In 2011 I launched my own business as a bookkeeper using Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop.  I have also worked seasonally in Canada preparing Cross-border taxes, for individuals who were American but lived in Canada and needed taxes done for both countries. I am well equipped for both bookkeeping and tax preparation for individuals and small businesses.

Joey and I enjoy our beautiful city, our seven children and our five grandchildren. In our spare time we enjoy travelling, cycling and exploring our beautiful surroundings in Temecula Wine Country.